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What you should expect

This is a very very strong oil. Most people who are making holy annointing oil are not doing so using cannabis and those who do are generally making something much much weaker. We are following the original recipe to the letter as handed down to Moses, if you can believe everything you read at least know this. We are not going to deviate from that recipe either. Sure we could cut corners and it would still be a powerful oil but we figure if it was so important that is made it into the bible then who are we to change that recipe.


Until Federal Law is changed we can not ship this product outside of the State of California, We are looking however to address this issue and once we figure out the best way to do that we will impliment that policy but as of today only Holy Christ Oil is available outside California and Holy Cannabis Oil is available by "pre-order only". HCO can only be purchased at Authorized Cannabis Clubs in the State of California or bought online directly. If you don't see it in your local Cannabis Clubs feel free to contact us and give us the name of the Cannabis Clubs in your Area and we will contact them about carrying our product. We will have a listing up here shortly showing the places that are Authorized Holy Christ Oil Retailers

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Thursday, 13 March 2014 17:00
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