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On Friday, May 8, 2015 something happened to my right shoulder. The pain was so severe it hurt all the way up into my neck, I could not even lift my arm.

Then someone gave me a small vial of Holy Christ Oil.

I put 2 drops on my left fingers and I applied it to my right shoulder and neck. Immediately the pain stopped. WOW

4 days later and after just this one application the pain has not returned and my arm is functioning normally.

I am so pleased as I have recently been diagnosed with an inflammatory muscular disease called Inclusion Poly Myositis.
Per the doctors at Stanford University there is no known cause for this disease and no known cure.

I am so pleased to find something that will help with controlling the pain.
Perhaps the oil will also help with getting the muscles in my legs to work as they should and not be so weak.
Pat L

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