Holy Christ Oil - Caregivers Package - 15 bottles in Lockable Box

Our Caregivers Package includes 15 bottles of our Holy Christ Oil in a secure lockable storage box.


C3 to C7 neck fused together, Sacroiliac joint degenerative disease. Facet degenerative disease, Lumbar Facet Syndrome
3 years ago.  ·  Clovis
Here's what I think
in 2007 I had to have C5 TO C7 neck fused together to make the pain go away in my right arm, in 2016 the same pain came back but this time in my left arm at that point I needed to have Surgery again this time C3 to C7. My whole neck was fused together.
At this point my neck became really stiff, I lost motion from left to right.

I did not want to use to much Norco's, so I tried the Holy Christ Oil, this oil has been great I take it orally and it does work less pain makes things feel much better.
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Holy Christ Oil (CBD)
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Holy Christ Oil

"Cannabis has a very rich history of medicinal use that dates back thousands of years and across many cultures.."