Holy Oil

The Bible says Jesus performed miracles healing the sick and even helping restore sight. We've been blind for many years of the Medicinal value of Cannabis. Rick Simpson has made quite a name for his use of Hemp Oil. We know Cannabis and hemp are some of the most valuable plants there is. We've had it wrong for a very long time but God at least got this one right.

Healing Aid

We have spent considerable time to source our ingredients. We seek only those who practice sustainable organic farming. We only use the highest quality ingredient while staying 100% true to the original biblical recipe.

Helping Humanity

New data suggests that Cannabis Oil and or Hemp Oils have incredibly powerful Medicinal Properties. So if the Bible has a recipe that was used in those times that according to the written record was actually able to cure various health issues why aren't we still using it. With Marijuana Laws constantly changing and myth the about Cannabis being rewritten on a daily basis there is quite a bit to back it up that this would in fact be a very powerful agent of good.

Ancient Technology

We have a tendancy to look backward thinking people back then were backwards. What we continue to find out however is how little we really know. Much has been lost over time but according to Biblical Scripture for its time this was considered very powerful magic. It was attributed to the Priests of the early Church and only select few would have access to this however the writing is right there for everyone to see. We intend to market this product to help as many people as possible.

Holy Christ Oil

"Cannabis has a very rich history of medicinal use that dates back thousands of years and across many cultures.."