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Saturday, 22 July 2017 10:29


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On Friday, May 8, 2015 something happened to my right shoulder. The pain was so severe it hurt all the way up into my neck, I could not even lift my arm.

Then someone gave me a small vial of Holy Christ Oil.

I put 2 drops on my left fingers and I applied it to my right shoulder and neck. Immediately the pain stopped. WOW

4 days later and after just this one application the pain has not returned and my arm is functioning normally.

I am so pleased as I have recently been diagnosed with an inflammatory muscular disease called Inclusion Poly Myositis.
Per the doctors at Stanford University there is no known cause for this disease and no known cure.

I am so pleased to find something that will help with controlling the pain.
Perhaps the oil will also help with getting the muscles in my legs to work as they should and not be so weak.
Pat L
Saturday, 22 July 2017 10:28

Safe for Pets

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I've been so impressed with my results in using HCO that I've started giving Scruffy, my 14 year old dog, some of the HCO.

I'm giving it to her twice a day, one drop that I let her lick off my finger.. Within 2 days and scruffy is already showing signs of improvement and while we aren't shocked we're quite taken back.

I got this one bottle and i've been using it to heal everything around me pretty much.
My skin cancer: GONE!
my cold sore: GONE!
my husbands burns: GONE!
and now my ailing dog?  WOW!! Needless to say I'm quite impressed as is my husband..

Not sure what the dog thinks but she loves the taste of the oil.. Usually giving any medicine to any pets is a hit and miss game of hide the pill. 
She loves the taste and will even sit there and want more of it. Quite interesting indeed..
Saturday, 22 July 2017 10:26


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Testimonial and further pics coming from patient soon.
Saturday, 22 July 2017 10:25

Psoriatic Arthritis

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The tightness in my hands after just a few days of use is considerably reduced. A single application gave me lasting results for several hours. Amazing!
You were right, taking it sublingually, works even better. I'd say within 20 minutes of taking it no acute pain... Still had pain though was able to get up and move around. that was a huge blessing.

Took it again before I went to sleep, and slept through night until early morning when I had to get up and go to bathroom. First thought it was me, wishful thinking. But I actually had little pain. not the acute pain that pretty much is my day.
Saturday, 22 July 2017 10:21

Cold Sores

Omg. So pissed at myself didn't take picture 1st day. I get cold sores at least twice a year. I use something called Abreva that gives me white lips and takes 7 days to 12 days to heal. Woke up Thursday with bottom lip swollen size of big grape. Usually oozes then scabs then oozes and hurts the entire time, this time though I put your HCO oil on it. Oil looks like lip gloss. I asked the girls that work in my office/>
No oozing. No pain, no scab, no cracking or bleeding and no white lips and best of all... gone after 3 days?

It healed it twice as fast! its not just a little better, its 90% better than anything I have ever used and it healed it twice as fast!

I'm still in shock, I deal with this twice a year, It's embarrassing, Except for the first day, before I decided to try it out.. no one even notice it, just looked like lip gloss. 

I get cold sores twice a year This was a very unexpected Cure. Having to deal with cold sores for the last ten years this impressed me the most... I can seriously say I did not expect this result. It usually takes at least 7 - 8 days to get it to the point it is right now..and even then I have pain and drying out and cracking and bleeding. You have no clue how bad it is to work in a dental office and have a cold sore, After the first day the girls at work wanted to know what the hell.

So I shared my secret... Your HCO Oil..  

This is the most impressive. So embarrassing to have and this healed it so fast, For cold sores HCO is beyond a miracle, omg!

Holy Christ Oil

"Cannabis has a very rich history of medicinal use that dates back thousands of years and across many cultures.."