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This recipe has been used on both human beings and pets. Its been used with prayer, worked to relieve pain and so much more. We have used this on a man suffering from Aids, several men and women suffering with severe upper back pain from pinched nerves, on a woman with severe lower back pain associated with her monthly's, on a man suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and on myself for various pains, abrasions and burns. 


Cancer is an unregulated healthy cell that keeps on multiplying to the point that it is called a tumor.
Cannabinoids are the same shape as an endogenous cannabinoid (endocannabinoid) and thereby have the same function and a few more functions due to it not actually being an endocannabinoid but a cannabinoid.

I'm explaining this because how an endocannabinoid works is it comes into contact with a cell and communicates with that cell via the cells Cannabinoid Receptors (There are atleast 2. CBR1/CBR2)
Any cannabis your mum consumes will regulate any cancer cell it comes in contact with.
Cannabinoids are oil based. This is good because fat has a limit to how much cannabinoids it can absorb. This means that once some fatty tissue is full of cannabinoids, the other fatty tissues will receive the remaining cannabinoids.
This is a problem with small dosages because we cannot control where those cannabinoids are sent. Cannabinoids also have a half life of 3 days. So this means that you need to increase your dosage until you are taking 1gm of oil a day until your cancer is cured. Once it is cured you only need to take 1gm of that same oil a month for maintenance.
In extreme cases like with the worst brain cancer known to man, the tumor in the brain was injected directly. For skin cancer it is applied directly. Keyword 'Directly' however with consumption of the oil we cannot control where that oil goes directly so as mentioned above, we need to flood our body with cannabinoids so that all the fatty tissue in our body is full of cannabinoids.

The advantage of consuming such a dosage of cannabinoids is that any cancer cells that are undetected will be regulated where as if you relied on machinery and surgery to locate cancers it would be impossible to find all cancers and seeing as though cancers are created by cell damage, things like chemotherapy can cause cancers to occur however it takes a few years for those cells to divide/multiply enough to become detectable tumors.Arcu in vel nibh ut pede vestibulum quis eget

Phoenix Tears.

Essentially, Rick Simpson oil is using 'high grade' bud. What is high grade? It has a dry weight which is around 12% of the actual harvested weight. So when rick says you need 1lb of high grade bud to make 60gm of oil, this translates to 3775gm of harvest bud will become 453gm of dry bud.
Using this 453gm of dry bud you make the oil with a solvent. The solvent is only used to do your extraction and cause it  makes it easy to measure and create consistent dosaging.

Theoritically you could just eat the actual plant however stomach acid cannot break through most of the cell walls of the plant so many of the beneficial chemicals in the plant would be lost.

THC, CBD's and other Cannabinoids

The key ingredient is the cannabinoids which is in the resin which essentially is called hash when gathered into a mass. Using a solvent you can make that hash more malleable and easier to measure. Rick says that with cooler temperatures the resin goes hard and just like with honey it can be made soft.
Theoretically hash would have the same effect as hemp oil because it's the cannabinoids that you want. The only advantage would be that if you liquify it you can measure it more easily and all the chemicals should be more balanced in the mixture where as with hash you might have some parts with more THC, some with less.
Any cannabinoids is better than no cannabinoids so long as it's consumed then it is not wasted however you need to start with a low dosage such as half a grain of rice and increase that until you are having 1gm a day. The rate at which you increase it is upto the consumer and how they function after taking a dose. You cannot overdose, you can only become intoxicated which does not mean cannabis is toxic, it just means that there are symptoms from taking cannabis that affect people such as inability to take in new information, increased ability to work with existing data in the brain, red eyes which is not a bad thing but it is a symptom that comes under the title 'intoxication'

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Holy Christ Oil

"Cannabis has a very rich history of medicinal use that dates back thousands of years and across many cultures.."