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I've been so impressed with my results in using HCO that I've started giving Scruffy, my 14 year old dog, some of the HCO.

I'm giving it to her twice a day, one drop that I let her lick off my finger.. Within 2 days and scruffy is already showing signs of improvement and while we aren't shocked we're quite taken back.

I got this one bottle and i've been using it to heal everything around me pretty much.
My skin cancer: GONE!
my cold sore: GONE!
my husbands burns: GONE!
and now my ailing dog?  WOW!! Needless to say I'm quite impressed as is my husband..

Not sure what the dog thinks but she loves the taste of the oil.. Usually giving any medicine to any pets is a hit and miss game of hide the pill. 
She loves the taste and will even sit there and want more of it. Quite interesting indeed..

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