1. Although all sales are final, because of the nature of our products we reserve the right to refuse refund of any and all monies spent on the purchase of our products. However, if any of our products are purchased in error, and have not been opened or tampered with - e.g... purchased the wrong oil by accident - we reserve the right to refund said monies, on a case-by-case basis, with proper reasoning determined and accepted authorization by HCO Research, LLC. 

  2. HCO Research, LLC does not intentionally set out to be in violation of any California State Laws. Therefore, our terms and conditions are consistent to California State Laws and California's Marijuana Regulatory Compliance Statutes.

  3. Anyone seeking to purchase our medical THC rich oils must provide a valid State of California Medical Marijuana License at the time of purchase. No license is required for the purchase of our CBD-Rich oils. We reserve the right to withhold sales of any of our products to those persons who are not in compliance to such State laws.

  4. Should for any reason refunds of any and all monies spent to purchase any of our products be applicable, said refunds will be authorized and refunded no less than 14 days after written qualified authorization has been given.

  5. HCO Research, LLC reserves its legal rights to edit and or change our product labeling, and prices, without public notice.