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Timothy Tuck, Founder, HCO Research, LLC.

Timothy Tuck, Founder, HCO Research, LLC.


Timothy Tuck has an inquisitive mind. He also has an affinity for making things and tinkering with existing things to make them better. He is a lifelong hobbyist and is known for making home-brewed beers; growing selected strains of cannabis just to experience the different quality of highs; and, most recently, making cannabis oils to help heal his family, friends and associates of their health maladies. Tim serves HCO Research, LLC, as its operations wizard. 


Matthew ("Matt") Asturias, Co-Founder, HCO Research, LLC.


Like Tim, Matthew "Matt" Asturias is a youngman with an inquisitive mind. He also has a "green thumb" when it comes to cultivating cannabis plants. As a matter of fact, Matt has been growing cannabis, as a hobby, for a great deal of his young life. Ask him how and why he loves growing cannabis, and he'll tell you, "it's a plant that has no equal, and it deserves its due respect." Matt serves HCO Research, LLC, as its cannabis farming wizard.

Bailey W. Partridge, Jr., Co-Founder, HCO Research, LLC.





Bailey W. Partridge, Jr. completes the HCO "triumvirate" of having an inquisitive mind - which sometimes got him in quite a bit of trouble as a boy. Bailey serves HCO Research, LLC, as its business development and communications wizard, a skills-set for which he is most recognized by his peers - serving over 15 years in Corporate America: Helping to open and scale divisions. Bailey's 2nd half of life has been passionately fulfilled as an adept serial entrepreneur.

Open Positions

Research Assistant

Assist operations wizard and growers' community wizard in product development and cannabis strains' development and cultivation. 


  • Experience growing and cultivating marijuana.
  • Must be capable of keeping records, and, tracking product life to market methodologies.
  • Have general knowledge and understanding of the different types of marijuana strains.
  • Have an ability to lift 25-50 lbs of weight.
  • Not afraid to get hands-on experience in oil extraction and growing techniques.

Administrative Assistant

Primarily will assist business development and communications wizard, but, must be capable of assisting other two organization's wizards with special duties and assignments.


  • Must have good administration and communication skills and command of english as a language. Being bilingual is a positive.
  • Must have the ability to assist with correspondence to various stakeholders inside and outside the cannabis community.
  • Must be deadline oriented and adept at handling multiple projects across multiple disciplines. 
  • Candidates must have ability to work independently, on their own. 
  • Must be time-oriented and respectful, to a fault, to deadlines..

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